Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Spring bulb method

It's almost that time of year again to start your spring bulb force method. It begins on Labor Day weekend. So, gather up your favorite spring bulbs. Get ready for that burst of color come January 1. 2011. I'm an excited gardener. I have already choosen a few of my favorite bulbs.
They are daffodls and crocus. A few others you can have in the forcing method are tulips and hyianths. They do well. Without little effort from you.

Happy gardening...

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010



In this section I would like to talk about a great way to save money and water and that is to create a garden that is called, none other than Xeriscaping.

First of all you should know that variations in the quanity of rainfall occur season to season and month to month. By being educated with the natural rhythm of rainfall in the zone 5 region allows the gardener to plant when moisture is abundant.

The rainfall in Utah is 15 inches per year. This gives us ideal weather and temperatures for this lovely Xeriscaping process.

The kind of plants that do well in this landscape are ornamental grasses and vivid drought tolerant plants. It's great. There goes the lawn. You will conserve water and then you will be able to spend time reading about gardening!

Your garden expert,


Water - Irrigation


Water is one of our greatest and valuble resources. We use it to drink, wash clothes, cars, landscape and all of our agriculture needs. Irrigation is very important to us. This irrigation which increases agriculture productivity, has now become a vital feeding the entire population.

Irrigation filled the fields of the United States grew from 5 million acres in 1899 to more than 25 million acres in 1982.

Later irrigation has grown from 20 billion gallons per day in 1950 to almost 50 billion gallons in 1985.

Now today nearly half the water in the resident home goes to one's landscape.

So, as a gardener you need to learn how to save water. This what I have done to conserve water.

I have four stations of watering in my system. I for the past three years cut back the watering from 20 minutes per staton to 10 minutes per station. My lawn and garden is still beautiful and I saved money on my water bill. Have a great summer.

Marsha the avid gardener

The Herb Garden

Growing herbs
in the Garden

Centuries ago people gew herbs near their kitchen door to suffice their culinary needs. It was a must for some folks. It was a way to survive through harsh winters, so can vegetables and dry the herbs for the culinary aspect.

Some of the herbs that I have become familiar with are chives, borage, tansy and yarrow. All of these herbs grow in my garden except for the tansy. In the Taylorsville Community Garden club I grew the tansy. At a later date I made a wreath out of the tansy. It become all dried out so I gave it to the land field.

Chives - I grew chives for a long time now. It seems to thrive. I am happy with its growth. I purchased the chives at a local nursery many years ago. I suppose twenty years ago.

Yarrow - Many years ago my belated husband took me to Park City garden nursery. There in the mist of many flowers, my eyes caught the liking of the plant called Yarrow. The herb use to be used for toothaches. It might be a myth. But it sounds enlightening. My Yarrow is wild and invasive. I still think it is pretty in the garden. It fills in alot. The plant wants to take over in its own way. It is a true plant that is reliable as well. My yarrow returns every year like clock work.

Borage - Borage. The name says it all. I love my borage plant. The plant stays to itself. It gets about 2 feet wide and 2 feet tall. Then it produces spiral purple flowers. I rather like them. It has a great fragrance as well. So, buy you one. They are fun to grow. Can be a little over growing. But that is alright too.

Enjoy your herbs,


Monday, June 7, 2010

Planting Zuccini

Planting Zuccini

The plants for all of your vegetables should all be planted now. The zuccini is one of my favorite plants to plant for the growing season. So, buy yourself a start and let it grow!

I planted my start in the ground just a few weeks ago. My garden has snails so I have to apply the snail bait continually.

Planting - Dig a hole in the earth about 2 inches in depth. Place seeds accordingly. Cover well with your good soil that you have chosen.

Harvest - A zuccini plant can harvest up 10 to 15 sets of crop.

Cooking zuccini - One person can cook and fry the best zuccnini. Cut up slightly thin wedges of zuccini for frying. Place real butter in a frying pan. Stir in an egg and milk mixture. Place the wedges in the milk. Then cover the zuccnini in flour. Now you can fry away. Results is a a lovely golden brown slice of zuccnini!


Marsha Mauchley

Saturday, May 29, 2010



It was on May 8, 2010 that I had the oppurtunity to visit the garden fair.

In 2004 and 2005 I was part of the garden fair. But things change with managment and all the decision making for this event, so I wasn't a part of it any longer. But I continue to do great things in spite of the changes that took place back in 2005.

I went and enjoyed myself and purchased Trollis and Dianthus. These plants remain on my front porch for enjoyment.

I found some great rocks at the fair as well. They had some bird literature as well. it was great to see that on display. I love birds. They are such a wonder to the world.

So, perhaps that wraps it up. I had a great time at the garden fair.
But you know what? I think I still am a part of the fair. Even without not particiating. I'm there!

Happy gardening,


Friday, May 28, 2010

Polymers Gel

The Gel

So, maybe you thought you could use gel just in your hair! Well, you are wrong. You can use the polymers gel for in the garden as well.

Now visit your local nursery or home store and purchase the gel. When using the gel follow directions on the label.

What I do is use the gel in my container potted plants. It saves on water and time that you will need to be busy with something else. So, pick up your gel and save water. These are reasonably priced as well. Have fun in the garden of polymers and gel.

Happy gardening, Marsha